OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus empowers the world with top-tier technology crafted collaboratively with users. OnePlus focus is on seamless software, robust hardware, and expert craftsmanship for a premium user experience.

To introduce the global campaign for the OnePlus Watch 2, TAKE has been tasked with developing a captivating visual narrative centred around the sensory experience of OnePlus new smartwatches.


Our objective was to showcase an exciting yet approachable product experience by illustrating the dynamics and activities in which the smartwatch’s technical and aesthetic features stand out.


  • Concept 
  • Art direction
  • Art buying 
  • Casting
  • Locations
  • Service production
  • Hair & Make up
  • Styling 
  • Post production


Seeking the perfect sports and outdoor location, we chose to partner with our trusted Portuguese production base and crew. The picturesque coastline and maritime scenery of Portugal perfectly aligned with the client’s vision.

TAKE managed all production aspects, including art buying, casting, scouting, travel arrangements, catering, and the glam team.

Maintaining our lean production approach, we used an agile team to seamlessly integrate creative and production processes, optimising the production dynamics.




Photographer: Yotam Shwartz
Creative Director: Mario Da Motta Veiga
Lead Producer: Vanessa Harrison
Producer: Joao Santana
Production Coordinator: Ina Graeven
Digi Op: Filipe Serralheiro
Lighting Operator: Hugo Vieira da Silva

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